There’s no substitute for miles to help condition yourself.

Determining Your Training Level

The Bon Ton attracts just as many newer cyclists as we do experienced riders. And while some come from areas that have similar terrain as the Finger Lakes region, more then 25% of our riders come from areas of the country where hills are sparse. Because of this we’ve noted two training schedules for groups who are more experienced or cycle on similar terrain, and for those with less experience or are flat landers!

Mapping Your Training Route

To help you train in your area, log onto one of these websites and map a route that suites you and your training schedule.

Training Schedule

In early April, start light by taking quick five mile trips making sure to keep your time under an hour. Do this once a week, and then up it to a couple times a week by late April, early May. Around mid-May increase your distance by adding five more miles to the end of your ride. This will help ease you into longer distances and strengthen your endurance.

Continue to add to your overall distance until you reach 30-40 miles per trip. At this stage be sure to stop along the way to enjoy an ice cream cone, or just some general sightseeing. After all, this is what the Bon Ton Roulet is all about! Eventually you’ll want to reach your maximum training distance.