Because the tour starts  on Sunday morning, many people choose to arrive on Saturday. Registration begins Saturday, July 22, from  1:00-5:00pm and again on Sunday, July 23, from 6:00am-8:00am. Our Welcome Party will be on Saturday, July 22 from 5-7pm.   Get to know other cyclists and the volunteers! Music, food & drinks for purchase!

For those who arrive by plane, train or bus we’ve partnered with an organization to shuttle you to & from the start & finish of the tour out of Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Syracuse Regional Transportation Center (train/bus), and adjacent airport accommodations.  One way & round trip service is available on select days before and after the tour.

What to bring …?

The tour takes place in all kinds of weather – hot days and cool evenings. This list suggests items you should bring. This same list is available as a printable checklist.

CampingBicycle GearToiletries
Tent, stakes, poles, rope, ground cloth, tent bag, sleeping bag, air mattress / pad portable, air pump, pillowGranny gears, spare tire, spare tubes, tire wrench, patch kit, rear view mirror, bike gloves, water bottles, tire pump, bike mounted bag, bike lock, cycling shorts, jersey, bike shoes, HALT sprayToothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, lotion, shaving supplies, tissues, deodorant, powder, towel, washcloth, clothes pins, nail file & clippers, Q-tips, brush / comb, feminine Items, laundry bag, laundry soap

First AidClothingEssentials
Med alert bracelet, aspirin, band-aids, antibiotic cream, alcohol pads, lip balm, sun screen, insect repellent, moisture cream, medication, soft side cooler, rash ointmentT-Shirts / shirts, shorts, pants, rain gear, underwear, sports bra, socks, belt, shoes, shower shoes, sleepwearGlasses / contacts, eye prescription, sun glasses, cell phone, camera, batteries, watch, charger / adaptor, knife, identification, money, bankcards, journal, pen, pencil, stamps, address book, fanny pack, flashlight, ear plugs, cork screw

We advise that you not pack valuables, easily breakable items, items of personal worth, or medications in your luggage. The Bon Ton Roulet is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced items.

Non-Cycling Participants

Non-cycling participants such as spouses or friends may also choose to travel with the Bon Ton tour in their own car or RV. While non-cyclists are required to register, and all terms of the tour apply, each registered participant will receive the same tour amenities as our cyclists, including meals and standard camping & tour services. Vehicle information is required for all non-cycling participants.

For those non-cyclists who plan to enjoy the great attractions throughout the Finger Lakes Region during the day, we ask that you drive on roads separate from our cycling routes for the safety of our riders. Route maps are posted near the Information Tent. Non-cyclists can temporarily park at Rest Stops and park overnight at each camping area, however, no electric, water, or gray water service is available for RVs.

Free Long Term Parking

Free parking starts on our Registration Day, Saturday, at 1:00pm and runs through the final day, on the following Saturday until 3:00pm. Check at Registration for the designated lot. The Bon Ton Roulet will not be held liable in the unlikely event of fire, theft, or damage to vehicles and/or contents. Sorry, we do not offer return shuttles to this lot during the tour.

Luggage  Tags

Each rider is allowed one large bag (or two small bags), plus one additional camping gear bag. Bags should be waterproof. All personal items must be stored inside these closed bags. Bungee cords, ropes, or other such fasteners are not permitted to bind luggage together, or to bind items to the outside of the bag. Riders must place a separate colored tracking tag on each bag. Each tag must display your name and rider number. Tags can be found in your registration packet and at the Info Tent. Please make sure your luggage can be carried comfortably.

Pet Policy

For the convenience and safety of fellow bike riders the Bon Ton Roulet does not allow cycling and/or non-cycling participant to have pets on the tour.


Breakfast,dinner & rest stops snacks are provided as part of the registration fee. Riders can re-fuel at the  rest stops with a wide selection of fresh fruits, water and sports drinks. Gluten free  meal options may be available at the Kueka & Geneva sites.   Click here to view a sample menu of  breakfast and dinner from a past ride.

Morning Coffee/Tea Service

Need that extra boost to help you break down camp? Why wait for breakfast to get your morning fix, we offer self-service coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Our Coffee Service includes a free travel mug that’s yours to keep! $35 for the whole week! Register for this service through comfy campers,  or visit the Comfy Campers tent on registration day


Tour participants must maintain responsibility for their personal health care items during the tour. The Bon Ton Roulet and its tour staff are not permitted to, and will not store, transport, or otherwise assume responsibility for participants’ personal health care items at any time. Sorry, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Personal health care items may include medical devises or equipment (i.e. knee braces, sleep apnea machines, etc.) and/or prescription medications or medically prescribed supplies (i.e. pills, tablets, ointments, gels, liquids, etc.).

Ride Smart

Click here for Ride Smart Safety Suggestions
If you have been in the hospital or had surgey within the past six months,or if you have a chronic medical condition involving a vital organ (heart, lung, kidneys, brain) it is a good idea to check with your doctor about riding in the Bon Ton Roulet.

Drug Free Zone

New York State prohibits the use of alcohol or tobacco on “Drug Free” school grounds when we stay at these facilities.  We ask for your cooperation and compliance during the tour.

Rechargeable Electronic Devices

Overnight facilities typically have a several standard outlets located throughout the building, which riders can use.  There will be a designated area for recharging of your electronic devices.

Laundry Facilities

Some overnight communities have coin-operated Laundromats that are usually located within walking distance.  A local map will be posted on the Message Board each day to note its location when available.

Pre & Post Tour Camping

Overnight camping is available on our Registration Day, Saturday, but not on the following Saturday. Sorry, overnight camping is not available for RV’s after the tour (see NON-CYCLING PARTICIPANT for RV camping during the tour). Go to our LODGING PAGE for both pre & post tour lodging options in the Cortland, NY area.