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Volunteer Application

 Volunteer Job Descriptions

Both riders and non-riding participants can volunteer to help during the ride. Volunteers who commit to the entire tour, ride for free. Time commitments are detailed below and are subject to change, depending on the needs of the tour.

We will begin accepting volunteer applications on January 2, 2020. Once we open the application process, you may apply using the link at the bottom of this page. Applications will be accepted until the ride starts or all positions fill.

You will receive an automated response when you submit your application. About the end of March applicants will be assigned volunteer positions. If applicants outnumber the jobs, then a waiting list will be formed to fill in any positions that open up between March and the ride.

Time Commitments

Time commitments vary between the different jobs. Each job will list the commitment required:

1. Volunteers who commit to the entire tour, ride for free (if the volunteer job duties permit). Dorm rooms are not included.

2. Volunteers who commit to part of the week can stay for the full week and ride at a pro-rated rate based on the number of days.

Site Crew /Luggage/Beer Garden Crew – 4 Volunteer Positions

  • Starts at 6 am (depending on truck assignment) and ends when all luggage is loaded.
  • Assist with loading of baggage onto trucks.
  • Assist with unloading of baggage.
  • Finish approx. 2-3 pm
  • Help load coolers with ice and re-stock as needed. Set up tents, chairs, garbage cans, etc.

SAG Driver – 10 Volunteer Positions

  • Use your own vehicle.
  • Cruise the route under the direction of the SAG Director and provide help when necessary.
  • Cell phone required.
  • Transport riders when necessary, provide basic 1st aid (kit provided), travel with water supply (provided).
  • After hours transportation of bicyclists may be necessary in an emergency situation or unusual circumstance.
  • Keep SAG Director advised of status.
  • Hours – Each SAG Driver has a 6 hour shift each day. Shifts start at 6:00 am (1st one drives entire long route to check markings and identify construction areas, road closures or other hazardous road conditions and then SAGS back to 1st rest stop); other SAGS begin at half hour intervals.

TRUCK DRIVERS – 6 Volunteer Positions

  • Rest Stop Crew – 2 Positions
  • Rest Stop crew works in teams of 2 volunteers per truck to supply and oversee the morning and afternoon rest stops.
  • Each crew drives a small box truck (16 foot) out to rest stops with supplies
  • Support the stop by organizing the truck, getting supplies, picking up leftovers, removing trash when the rest stop closes.
  • Rest Stop Truck Drivers will stay at the rest stop until last rider comes through.
  • Pick up ice for each rest stop daily.
  • Upon arrival at the next overnight location, load supplies and clean truck making it ready to leave the next morning.
  • Finish approx. 4 pm
  • Info Tent Truck Driver -1 Position
  • Assist in the breakdown of Info Tent and loading of truck each morning.
  • Depart my 9 am to arrive by l1 am at the next overnight site.
  • Upon arrival, assist with unloading of the truck and Info Tent set-up as needed.
  • In the evenings, clean truck and fill with gas if needed to ensure it’s ready to go the next day.
  • Wine Pick-Up Truck Driver – 1 Position
  • Depart my 9 am to arrive by 11 am at the next overnight site.
  • Upon arrival, restock ice and beverages for Beer Garden.
  • Drive to make the wine pick-up at 4 pm daily.
  • Site Crew-2 Positions
  • Depart site daily at gam to arrive by ll am at the next overnight location.
  • Upon arrival, coordinate with Ride Director the location of luggage and in inclement weather, tarp placement to protect baggage from rain.
  • Members of this team must be able and willing to drive a 24-foot or smaller rental truck from one overnight site to the next.

Morning Information Booth – 2 Volunteer Positions

  • Start at 5:30 am end at approx. 9:00 am
  • Staff information table until last rider is out.
  • Help break down information area and load onto trucks
  • Miscellaneous tasks
  • Organize trash and recyclables for pick up
  • Do a final sweep through grounds and buildings for signage/lost and found items/etc.


Afternoon Information Booth – 4 Volunteer Positions

  • Be at the Information Tent throughout the hours it is open (1-6pm) to coordinate with the local contacts and the riders to ensure that riders get the information they need.
  • Become familiar with the site prior to the arrival of the riders so that you can answer questions.
  • Help set up the information booth.
  • Work with the local host community person.
  • Place signage as necessary.
  • Monitor recyclables and trash. Re-supply.
  • Hours -12:00 noon -5:00 p.m. or 2pm-7pm hours can vary
  • Help the Info Tent truck driver break down information area and load onto truck

Physican/Nurse RN /Nurse Practitioner/Physican Assistant – 1 Volunteer Position

  • Physician or RN to help with medical needs particularly in the afternoon and evening.
  • Stationed at Information Tent from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm each day and on-call.
  • YOGA Instructor – 1 Volunteer Position
  • Certified by nationally recognized organization in group exercise/yoga or similar certification.
  • Provide bicycle specific stretching classes and education each afternoon & evening, including gentle and moderate levels in 20-30 minute sessions.
  • Hours -1-2 classes at 6am -7am and 4pm-5pm each day. Subject to change, schedule to be pre-determined.

Route Marker – 2 Volunteer Positions

  • Team of two that leave as early as possible (by bicycle) to check the marks on the road to ensure that they are plainly marked.
  • Team splits up where regular and long routes diverge and rejoin each other when the routes merge.
  • Each rider carries one can of paint to mark the roads.
  • Supplement and/or repaint the marks as necessary to ensure our riders stay on course.
  • Hours – 6:00 a.m. until done.
  • Other Roles Any other jobs that you think you could fill that would make the ride better. If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Noah Beck at noah@cortlandymca.org or Amy Wallner at amy@auburnymca.net.