Lodging-opens Feb 1

The Bon Ton Roulet is a camping tour that provides wide open spaces for cyclists to pitch their own tents.  Our overnight camps are selected specifically to allow our guests to set up in large groups, among friends and family, or off on their own where they can soak up the peace and quiet.

Tent Set-Up Service through Comfy Campers LLC

We’ve arranged for campers who prefer full service camp set-up packages and rental of camp chairs, air mattresses, and towels. For more information about Comfy Campers click here.

Off-Site Lodging

You may choose to stay in a local bed & breakfast, motel, or hotel.  For those who choose this option we’ve partnered with an organization that offer   Lodging Delivery . Lodging Delivery is our exclusive, fee based service for guests staying at off-site lodging. Each day after riders have collected their luggage, Lodging Delivery will transport your luggage, bike and you from camp to select local off-site lodging locations between 2pm-6pm.You are then free to cycle back to camp for dinner or explore from the hotel.    In the morning, Lodging Delivery will pick-up your luggage only between 7am-8am and transport it back to the luggage truck. You are then free to cycle to the camp ground for breakfast or take off on the tour route.! Either way- it’s easy, convenient, and most of all very affordable. NOTE: Lodging Delivery will only transport to hotels within 5 miles or to hotels listed on the lodging page.

Please note that accommodations in this mainly rural setting can be sparse for those who choose off-site lodging. We strongly recommend that you make reservations well in advance of the tour by choosing from the list provided.  Lodging Delivery is a fee based service that is not part of the registration fee.  Lodging Delivery service to lodging not noted  may not be available.  We make every effort to accommodate our guests, but we reserve the right to charge additional fees for unplanned service.

Dorm Room Registration

Click on link for dorm registration:

July 25 & 26, 2023 Keuka College-Double rooms available.$ -2 people per room . Single rooms…$per night. Linens provided, rooms are non-air-conditioned. 

July 27 2023-Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva- Double rooms available.$ per night-2 people per room. Single rooms…$ per night.  All rooms are air-conditioned, linens provided.

July 28, 2023-Wells College, AuroraDouble rooms available.$ -2 people per room . Single rooms…$per night. Linens provided, rooms are non-air-conditioned. 

FOR DOUBLE ROOMS: You will be asked who your roommate is when booking a double. One person will pay the full fee of the double room and it is your responsibility to make arrangements with your roommate for their cost of the room. If you do not have a roommate, pay the full fee and write down that you are looking for a roommate and the week of we can place you with someone who would like to split the room. Go to the info tent for this option the week of.

Registration Day • Overnight in Cortland, NY – 7/22

Day 1 • Overnight in Auburn, NY     7/23

Day 2   • Overnight at Ithaca, NY     7/24

Day 3 & 4 • Overnight in Pen Yann – 7/25 & 7/26

Day  5 • Overnight in Geneva- 7/27 2022

Day 6 Overnight in Auroa – 7/28/2022


Last Day of the Tour • Cortland, NY 7/29

Please Note:

  • Camping is not available on the final day in Cortland on Saturday
  • Lodging Delivery does not operate on Saturday, July 29