Volunteer Positions Available: Info Tent crew-6-8am or 1-6pm each day...Yoga Instructor-4pm...Rest Stop Crew-truck driver. We currently have enough SAG drivers, bicycle SAGS and route markers.

Our Volunteers

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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Our tour is unique in the bicycle touring industry in that it’s organized and staffed by literally dozens of hometown volunteers.  That’s right it’s an all volunteer staff!  Our volunteers pride themselves on bringing our bicycling guests a world-class experience that’s as welcoming as a back yard gathering.  We’re jointly organized by the Auburn YMCA-WEIU and the Cortland YMCA and proceeds beyond the direct tour costs help families in our Finger Lakes community choose a heather lifestyle by providing cost-effective Y programs to them.  Learn more about our volunteers and the wonderful work they do on the Bon Ton Roulet below. If you want to learn even more, or if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer yourself click over to our DOWNLOADS page and click on Volunteer Application.

Planning Committee

This group works year round to oversee each aspect of the tour and ensures that the programs and systems that have been developed over the years continue to provide relevant quality to the tour.  This group is also responsible for forwarding innovations that have strengthened the ride, such as developing the Short Course and implementing an Illness Preparedness Plan.

Route Committee

The Route Committee spends countless hours driving on back roads navigating the scenic rural setting that is unique to our region.  In fact, many Committee Members who’ve lived in this area all their lives admit that they too had never taken the time to witness the beauty of this region before their work on the Bon Ton.  A typical committee member may put as many as 500 miles or more on their vehicle, and that’s just from one overnight to the next one!  In the end all of this driving helps to ensure the best route for our cyclists each year!

Host Community Coordinators

These volunteers fan out over the Finger Lakes Region looking for the most interesting sites for our guest to “nest” after a long day cycling.  They strive to ensure that the riders get a true flavor of life in this part of New York State by working with local businesses and communities groups who provide breakfast, dinner, and other comfort services.  By doing this our Coordinators also ensure that tourist dollars are directly infused into the local economy.

Shuttle Service Volunteers

Regardless if you’re coming or going from the tour via plane, train or bus, our Shuttle Service Volunteers will arrange to pick you up along with your gear.  You’ll be taken to either the tour itself, or to local overnight accommodations.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our Shuttle Service.

Registration Volunteers

When you arrive at the Bon Ton you’ll need your registration packet, directions to our long term parking lot, and answers to whole host of questions.  Our Registration Volunteers will be happy to help with all of these things, and will likely be the first Bon Ton people you’ll meet!

Gear Truck Volunteers

Our Gear Truck Volunteers are as uniquely entertaining as they are helpful!  Each morning this friendly group of folks will help you load your gear onto one of several large trucks we provide.  While you enjoy the sights, sound, and the occasional “rural smells” of the tour, our volunteers will transport your gear to the next overnight location.  They’ll even unload it off the truck, and place it into neatly marked rows where you can retrieve it once you arrive.

SAG Vehicle Drivers

Got a flat tire?  Low on water?  With our daily fleet of SAG Drivers on the course, you’re never more then a few minute away from a volunteer who’s happy to assist you.  They can even arrange to transport you and your bicycle back to camp if your day of cycling ends short.  This well organized team is on the course from the minute the first rider heads out until the last rider arrives at camp.

SAG Bicycle Riding Volunteers

Like our SAG Drivers, these people help spot problems on the route that can only been seen from a cyclist perspective.  These volunteers ride among the tour guests and call in any troubles regarding the route conditions.

Rest Stop Volunteers

Our daily rest stops offer riders a myriad of fresh fruit, beverages, and even the occasional homemade snack.  This top quality service is provided by a team of dedicated and diligent volunteers who take the art of rest stop service to a new level!  But as a word of warning; make sure you observe the “Glove Off Zone” signs or you may see the only ornery volunteer on the whole tour!  CLICK HERE to learn more about our Illness Prevention Plan.

Wine Pick-Up Volunteers

What is a tour through the heart of wine country without a taste of the local “fruit of the vines”!  The Bon Ton provides a staff of volunteers who make daily pick-ups from several designated wineries along the daily route.  Your wine is then transported back camp, where you can enjoy it with your evening meal, depending on our location.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our Designated Wineries.

Special Delivery Volunteers

You can choose to turn the Bon Ton Roulet into the ultimate pampered Finger Lakes vacation by staying in a local hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast each night.  If you do, we’ve got volunteers for that too!  Special Delivery volunteers transport you and your luggage to local accommodations each afternoon.  This service is not only convenient, but it’s quite affordable too!  CLICK HERE to learn more about our Special Delivery Service.